Our brand new Witchy Candles Treasure Box! Each month I curate a beautiful box full of witchy treasures based on a different theme and is available at the special price of £35 for orders placed in its specific month - for example this box is CALMING (September) and is only available for order in September at £35 so don't miss out!! Next month will be another new exciting box!


You can still order this or any other Treasure Box outside of their named month for £45. The price is £35 for the current Treasure Box.


For our very first box this September we have CALMING! To help with all aspects of relaxation and concentrating on some stress-free 'me time' - you will find this box full of relaxing smells and pampering rituals! Each item is chosen carefully to reflect our month's theme.


Each box contains:

CALMING CANDLE  - Handmade with organic soy wax, fresh herbs, crystals, essential oils, biodegradable glitter and a bit of witchy goodness! A magick purple candle for relaxation. Imbued with essential oils of lavender, orange and vetiver for calmness and silence. Lavender and chamomile flowers represent purity, tranquillity and aid sleep and an amethyst crystal for calming thoughts and bringing peace.


AROMA BLEND - Exclusive to our Treasure boxes! A calming handmade mix of pure essential oils of lavender and sweet orange in an almond oil base - rub onto your pulse points for instant stress relief.


LOOSE INCENSE - For burning on a censor with a charcoal disc (we sell a Starter Kit on our website too) This blend is Inner Peace for relaxation and inner calm. With cedarwood chips, frankincense resin, red clover flowers, lemon balm, lavender flowers, chamomile flowers and dried mint. Mixed with vanilla and lavender essential oils.


BODY LOTION BAR -  Handmade with 100% refined shea butter, 100% virgin coconut oil and 100% unrefined beeswax, essential oils and flowers! Rub over your dry bits - these are naturally moisturizing and melt on contact with your skin. This purple bar has Lavender & Parma Violet essential oils with blue cornflowers. I love the little happy sun and moon faces!


WITCHY HERBAL WAX MELTS - Handmade for melting on a wax burner, with organic soy wax, fresh herbs & essential oils, They have an incredible fragrance throw due to the high concentration of essential oils I use and when melted will create a beautiful pool of wax with floating herbs and flowers! The ones included this month are 'Calming' - with lavender petals & essential oils of lavender and sweet orange.


CRYSTAL - This month we have an Amethyst - The soothing, feminine energy of amethyst is incredibly powerful and very easy to connect with. Associated with the crown chakra (or the highest, most spiritual of the chakras), amethyst can serve as a reminder to look at the bigger picture and get in touch with our higher selves rather than allowing ourselves to be caught up in stressful day-to-day details. Amethyst is by far the most widely known sleep crystal because it provides such a soothing and serene frequency that we can’t help but feel relaxed in its presence. It settles the mind chatter that keeps us awake, removes any negative energies that might be getting in the way of a restful night of sleep, and it is also one of the best crystals for nightmares. Place under your pillow or on your nightstand to break patterns of insomnia or restlessness you might be experiencing.


HERBS/FLOWERS - This month we have lavender of course! You can use this beautiful smelling flower in soooo many ways! I have included a special detailed card that you can follow for some great magickal uses of lavender.


Our little Grimoire letter with full details of all the magickal ingredients and properties.


I hope you love this very special Treasure Box - each one is put together by me with lots of witchy blessings!


If ordering outside the specified month then some items may be substituted x

Witchy Candles Monthly Treasure Box - SEPTEMBER