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Brand new to Witchy Candles! Be the first to try out our incredible Energising Tea Blend!


Made with:

Hibiscus Flowers for their astringent and soothing properties

Rose petals for their anti-inflammatory effects

Gingkgo Biloba is a vaso-dilator and added for its antioxidant qualities,

Candied orange and lemon peel for some added citrusy zest,

Vanilla Matcha for its amazing 'kick' and ability to increase blood flow  - its helps you to stay relaxed and alert at the same time and this vanilla type is so tasty!

Green loose tea base for improving brain activity, increase fat burning and supplying you with lots of lovely antioxidants!


I recommend steeping a heaped tea spoon for 4 minutes and then straining, or use our cute heart-shaped tea strainer!. Best taken during the day rather at bed time!


Comes in a 33g resealable pouch. Each batch is handmade to order therefore mayl be slightly different every time - sometimes we substitute the ingredients for ones with similar intentions if they are proving hard to get hold of!

Witchy Loose Tea Blend - ENERGY BOOST


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