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3 deadly handmade soy candles to give an aura of magick, allure and dark mystery through the language of flowers. Each one is blended to be intoxicating and potent - burn if you dare!


The Philosopher's Bane - a beguiling & potent black candle with Jasmin, Neroli & Frankincense 

The Deadly Nightshade - a captivating & provocative deep pink candle with Rose & Blackcurrant 

The Lazarus Bell - a tantalizing & heady purple candle with Ylang Ylang, Cherry & Patchouli 

Each candle is made with 80ml of soy wax and pure grade essential oils in a very high concentration. They are approx 7cm in diameter and 5cm high - there are 3 candles (one of each) included in this set.



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