The Witchy Candles Treasure Box! This is a special box - inside you will find this box full of calming smells and powerful sleep-inducing vibes! Each box contains:


BLISSFUL SLEEP CANDLE  - A full size 8oz magick turquoise candle for helping to calm your mind after a busy day & have a wonderful restful sleep! Made with my special 'Sleep' blend I also use for the Sleep and Tranquillity Pillow Mist - with essential oils of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Ylang & Jasmine. Herbs used are Chamomile & Lavender  flowers & dried Vervain (for inducing sleep). Each one is topped with an Amethyst for calming the mind.


SLEEP & TRANQUILITY Pillow & Room Mist - made with essential oils and a bit of witchy goodness! I have put a lot of research into this blend and I hope you love it! (research mainly involved falling asleep so its a win-win!) This blend contains Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Ylang and Jasmine essential oils - to help you fall asleep and drift off into dreamland! Simply spray on your pillow and around your bed and sink into a slumber. (the blend is slightly hazy - shake before use)


AROMA BLEND - Exclusive to our Treasure boxes! A peaceful handmade blend of pure essential oils of lavender, chamomile and sweet orange in an almond oil base - rub onto your pulse points and take some deep breaths and feel a stress-relieving calm feeling wash over you!


WITCHY HERBAL WAX MELTS - Handmade for melting on a wax burner, with organic soy wax, fresh herbs & essential oils, They have an incredible fragrance throw due to the high concentration of essential oils I use and when melted will create a beautiful pool of wax with floating herbs and flowers! Here we have 4 CALMING melts - made with lavender, sweet orange and vetiver essential oils with lavender petals.


CRYSTAL - Blue Tigers Eye  - This stone will unlock your aura, clear your thoughts, and more importantly, discharge what is inside your heart. In fact, if you feel calm and relaxed it is a lot easier for you to face your fears, lessen your worries, and calm down your hot temper. It opens up the third eye to bring calmness, and intuition. Its frequency brings mental clarity by balancing the body's hormones to release any unneeded tensions on the journey to success. Blue Tigers Eye is actually a calming stone that will keep you calm and relaxed and lessen your anxiety and stress. Furthermore, it helps in eliminating fatigue and relieves the warning signs of depression. (May be substituted with an equally relaxing crystal if stocks are hard to get hold of!)


HERBS/FLOWERS/SPICES - Lavender of course! You can use this beautiful smelling flower in soooo many ways! I have included a special detailed card that you can follow for some great magickal uses of lavender.


Thank-you SOOO much for your support and I hope you LOVE your box as it really was put together with so much witchy love!


Witchy Candles SPECIAL Treasure Box - BLISSFUL SLEEP