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Sheela-Na-Gigs are religious carvings of women - an unabashed symbolical representation of femininity.


They were placed on churches, castles and other important buildings of the medieval period and, until quite recently in some instances, they acted as protective symbols promoting good luck and fertility.


To me they represent the power of woman in her nakedness and give a message about the gesture of rebellion against misogyny - they encourage us to stop perceiving our own bodies as awkward and shameful.


We can see Sheela-Na-Gig as a protectress of gateways, with the female genitalia being the primary gateway – that of all life. She is generally thought to serve as protection, scaring away evil spirits or bringing good luck during child birth.


Light your Sheela-Na-Gig candle as a powerful reminder of the feminine power we all hold within us!


The scent is strong and powerful - the essential oils I have used are Frankincense for protection, luck and promoting calm, ending conflicts and relieving anxiety. Patchouli for lust, sexual power and courage and Anise for banishing evil and to ward off nightmares. They are made with organic soy wax and dried rosemary for protection and strength. The sliver pentagram charm represents the womb and the centre of powerful femininity.


They stand at 9cm high and each one comes with a dedication note with a short history about the Sheela-na-Gig. This listing is for one candle.

Sheela-Na-Gig Candle


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