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Our beautiful handmade Crystal Luxury Candles - each one with 3 beautiful large crystals in a 300ml matt black glass. (approx 50 hours burn time). Handmade with organic soy wax and a high concentration of essential oils. 


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A teal, magick crystal candle for healing and soothing. With singing quartz bringing high vibrational energy, obsidian for protection & drawing out mental stress and citrine for comforting & stirring the soul into action. Made with essential oils of Eucalypus, lemongrass & frankinsense for clearing the senses and purifying the spirit. With a sprinkling of lavender - the great healer.

A pink, magick crystal candle for bringing love & passion. With rose quartz for attracting love, moonstone for emotional love & connection and carnelian for passion and stoking the inner fires. Made with essential oils of rose geranium, ylang ylang & sweet orange for elevating a passionate atmosphere, awakening tender hearts and to draw love. With little rose buds to seal the intentions.

A purple, magick crystal candle for stress relief and calm. With Celestite for healing and calming, amethyst for emotional protection and cleansing and lepidolite for deep emotional healing and reducing anxiety. Made with essential oils of lavender, patchouli and bergamot for harmony, nurturing, connecting with the sacredness of life, bringing peace and lightening the shadows of the mind. With a sprinkling of blue cornflowers for healing intuitive blocks.
A black, magick crystal candle for attunement, deliverance, protection and banishing negative energies. With selenite for higher grounding and absorbing negativity, black tourmaline for creating a safe environment and howlite for eliminating stress and encouraging emotional expression. Made with essential oils of cedarwood, rosemary and patchouli for purification, guidance and stimulation. With a sprinkling of rosemary to seal the protective qualities.

OR I can also custom make these luxury candles to match your own individual intentions, just write your wishes in the personalisation section!


Each candle is handmade to order therefore will be slightly different every time - sometimes we substitute the ingredients for ones with similar intentions if they are proving hard to get hold of!

CRYSTAL Luxury Candles


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