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Our beautiful handmade Witchy Wiccan Candles - 8oz tin (approx 45 hours burn time) Each one is handmade with organic soy wax, fresh herbs, crystals, essential oils, biodegradable glitter and a bit of witchy goodness! 


A black, magick candle to support you during tough times. Bringing strength, confidence and fierceness! Imbued with essential oils of clove, ginger & black pepper for courage. Herbs of lemon balm for confidence, chamomile for success & rosemary for determination. The black colour is for repelling negativity and the green glitter is for growth & personal goals. With a labradorite stone for willpower & overcoming dependency - go forth & conquer!


Each candle is handmade to order therefore will be slightly different every time - sometimes we substitute the ingredients for ones with similar intentions if they are proving hard to get hold of! 

WARRIOR Witchy Wiccan Candle


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