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Our beautiful handmade Witchy Wiccan Candles - 8oz tin (approx 45 hours burn time) Each one is handmade with organic soy wax, fresh herbs, crystals, essential oils, biodegradable glitter and a bit of witchy goodness! 


A magick white candle with a dual purpose - for yourself it helps us to express gratitude for everything we have, as a gift to a loved one it is an offering of friendship, a huge expression of thanks!! Made with essential oils of frankincense, ylang & grapefruit, with herbs of sage & red clover flowers - all guide open the heart to feel gratitude & an acceptance of emotional connection. The amethyst crystal teaches us to be thankful & reminds us of the good things even through challenging times.


Each candle is handmade to order therefore will be slightly different every time - sometimes we substitute the ingredients for ones with similar intentions if they are proving hard to get hold of! We can also tweak any of the ingredients if you have allergies or preferences etc- just add a little note when you order!

GIVING THANKS Witchy Wiccan Candle


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