Each month I curate a beautiful box full of witchy treasures based on a theme - As I am away from May until the end of August I have curated a very special box to embrace the coming summer months! 


Inside your treasure box you will find:


FAERIE GARDEN CANDLE  - A magick teal candle for attracting and working with the Summer Fae - with essential oils of neroli, violet, cut grass and fresh apple this scent is reminiscent of a lush green glen! I have added some little candies as the faeries love a sweet gift and some mushrooms to make them feel at home. The citrine relates to abundance and eternal happiness - both things faeries aspire to! It is also associated with the sun and will protect against malevolent Fae.


AROMA BLEND - Exclusive to our Treasure boxes! A fresh green summer handmade blend of pure essential oils of lemongrass, peppermint and a bit of Cut Grass fragrance in an almond oil base - rub onto your pulse points and take some deep breaths and feel a stress-relieving summer's day feeling wash over you! 


WITCHY HERBAL WAX MELTS - Handmade for melting on a wax burner, with organic soy wax, fresh herbs & essential oils, They have an incredible fragrance throw due to the high concentration of essential oils I use and when melted will create a beautiful pool of wax with floating herbs and flowers! All of these blends are available as candles on my website too. I have included a lovely random collection this month from either: 

Blue - HEALING - with sage & juniper berry, sandalwood & rosemary oils. / Orange - ENERGISING - with lemongrass chips & lemongrass, eucalyptus and peppermint oils.
Black - PROTECTION - with rosemary & cinnamon, clove & eucalyptus oils. / Pink - LOVE - with red rose petals & jasmine, sweet orange and rose oils.
Violet - CALMING - with lavender petals & lavender and sweet orange oils. / Green - PROSPERITY - with cloves & cinnamon, patchouli & frankincense oils.
Yellow - HAPPINESS - with jasmin flowers & grapefruit and bergamot oils. / White - PEACE - with lavender flowers & rose, lime & black pepper oils.


CRYSTAL - This month we have a bewitching Blue Tigers Eye - This stone will unlock your aura, clear your thoughts, and more importantly, discharge what is inside your heart. In fact, if you feel calm and relaxed it is a lot easier for you to face your fears, lessen your worries, and calm down your hot temper.  It opens up the third eye to bring calmness, and intuition. Its frequency brings mental clarity by balancing the body's hormones to release any unneeded tensions on the journey to success. Blue Tigers Eye is actually a calming stone that will keep you calm and relaxed and lessen your anxiety and stress. Furthermore, it helps in eliminating fatigue and relieves the warning signs of depression.


HERBS/FLOWERS/SPICES - This month we have chamomile of course! When it comes to deities, chamomile is linked to Ra, Helios, and other sun gods - after all, the heads of the flowers look like little golden suns! In Egypt, chamomile was associated with the gods of the sun and used in in treatment of diseases like malaria, as well as in the mummification process. It is believed that a number of other cultures used chamomile similarly, including the ancient Romans, the Vikings, and the Greeks. Interestingly, the healing properties of chamomile don't apply only to people. If a plant was withering and failing to thrive, planting chamomile nearby could improve the health of the ailing plant. I have included a special detailed card that you can follow for some great magickal uses of Chamomile.


WITCHY HERBAL BATH SOAK So decadent! Made with Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salts, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt and Magnesium Flakes for the ultimate in relaxation! Made with my special blend of essential oils for calming, de-stress and harmony - Lavender, Sweet Orange, Rose, Frankincense and Black Pepper. Mixed through with rose petals for self-love and lavender flowers for tranquility, stillness and to aid sleep. I honestly love this blend so much at the end of a busy day! The blend can help calm sun-soaked skin too!


LITTLE EXTRA - having some 'me' time for relaxing and unwinding is a great way to centre the soul and relax on a beautiful summers day - My favourite way to do this is to switch off with some reading - I have sourced these gorgeous Penguin Little Black Classics and a random one will be selected for you in this box - I hope you love it!


Thank-you SOOO much for your support and I hope you LOVE your box as it really was put together with so much witchy love!

Nicola x x


Sometimes due to demand it may be necessary to substitute items or ingredients x

Witchy Candles Monthly Treasure Box - SUMMER