Each month I curate a beautiful box full of witchy treasures based on a theme - for the month of May we have a collection of beautiful CRYSTAL PEACE themed goodies - you will find this box full of calming smells and powerful stress-relieving vibes! Inside your treasure box you will find:


PEACEFUL HOME CANDLE  - A full size magick white candle for bringing peace and serenity to the home. Imbued with essential oils of rose, black pepper & lime for an open loving heart, flushing out negativity & uplifting the environment. Basil, rose and vervain for cheerfulness, love & purification and turquoise for bringing peace & friendship to the home.


AROMA BLEND - Exclusive to our Treasure boxes! A peaceful handmade blend of pure essential oils of lavender and sweet orange in an almond oil base - rub onto your pulse points and take some deep breaths and feel a stress-relieving calm feeling wash over you! 


WITCHY HERBAL WAX MELTS - Handmade for melting on a wax burner, with organic soy wax, fresh herbs & essential oils, They have an incredible fragrance throw due to the high concentration of essential oils I use and when melted will create a beautiful pool of wax with floating herbs and flowers! All of these blends are available as candles on my website too. I have included a lovely random collection this month from either: 

Blue - HEALING - with sage & juniper berry, sandalwood & rosemary oils. / Orange - ENERGISING - with lemongrass chips & lemongrass, eucalyptus and peppermint oils.
Black - PROTECTION - with rosemary & cinnamon, clove & eucalyptus oils. / Pink - LOVE - with red rose petals & jasmine, sweet orange and rose oils.
Violet - CALMING - with lavender petals & lavender and sweet orange oils. / Green - PROSPERITY - with cloves & cinnamon, patchouli & frankincense oils.
Yellow - HAPPINESS - with jasmin flowers & grapefruit and bergamot oils. / White - PEACE - with lavender flowers & rose, lime & black pepper oils.


CRYSTAL COLLECTION POUCH - A collection of crystals to bring some peace, power and intention to your home! Each organza pouch contains 3 crystals especially chosen for each intention and are super charged by me in the full moon for extra grounding energy! You'll receive one of these:

A powerful crystal collection to amplify home cleansing, protection and to help banish negative energies. Your collection contains 3 crystals randomly picked from green flourite, amethyst, obsidian, hematite, selenite or clear quartz.     

A powerful crystal collection to amplify your courage, increase self-esteem & emotional stamina. Contains 3 crystals randomly picked from red jasper, howlite, lapiz lazuli, opalite, tigers eye, selenite or aventurine.     

A powerful crystal collection to bring joy, playfulness and to reduce anxiety. Your collection contains 3 crystals randomly picked from sunstone, selenite, amethyst, rose quartz, howlite or dalmatian jasper.     

A powerful crystal collection to bring abundance, good luck and increased wealth. Your collection contains 3 crystals of aventurine, green quartz and clear quartz.


HERBS/FLOWERS/SPICES - This month we have lavender of course! You can use this beautiful smelling flower in soooo many ways! I have included a special detailed card that you can follow for some great magickal uses of lavender.


POWER CRYSTAL -  White Howlite - When using this stone as a meditation aid and spiritual ally, you may feel yourself being transported to snow-packed mountain ranges, where spirit and nature are united in a blanket of white. Howlite is a calming stone and it can help its wearer to reduce their own levels of stress and anger, as well as anger that is directed towards them. Howlite absorbs negative energy and its calming qualities are thought to also help reduce insomnia as it relieves and unburdens an overactive mind. As with all white sacred gemstones, Howlite can bring peace and clarity of mind – its black lines, however, signify that the mind is still at work, focused, not shut off.


LITTLE EXTRA - having some 'me' time for relaxing and unwinding is a great way to bring calm to the soul - My favourite way to do this is to switch off with some reading - I have sourced these gorgeous Penguin Little Black Classics and a random one will be selected for you in this box - I hope you love it!


Thank-you SOOO much for your support and I hope you LOVE your box as it really was put together with so much witchy love!

If ordering outside the specified month then some items may be substituted x

Witchy Candles Monthly Treasure Box - CRYSTAL PEACE ( MAY)